Alternate story pitch

Posted on February 24, 2011


Pitch #2

Voodoo Brewery

I was a little worried that social networking wouldn’t take off for the campaigns, and while I still think there would be a story in the lack of social networking, I went searching for a couple ideas. Pitch #2 involves a brewery that’s ferreted away on Arch St. between Mulberry and Market streets. Voodoo Brewery, from the outside, looked like a dark, dank, rickety place that seems to have been there since the start of Meadville. The windows were covered in hand-drawn pictures of beer and wine glasses, and a sign on the front door directed all visitors to a side door through an alleyway. That door was locked and unmanned, and my knocks went unanswered. I peered through a grimy window in the door at a chaos of pipes and stoves under a hazy fluorescent glow.

What is this place? Who runs it? How old is it? What beers do they brew, and where do they go? I have so many questions. I called and a voicemail message directed me not to leave a message, that they were brewing and probably wouldn’t come back to the phone anyway–they directed me to email. So email I will. This could make a great visual story, if I filmed a tour of the brewery, or even just audio–the sound of churning machines, of opening and pouring beers, of trucks distributing beers far and wide (or not) would make a great aural picture.

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